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O'Malley's Holiday Fundraiser

This past Saturday, the O’Malley’s Pub & Eatery family celebrated its 11th Annual Holiday Fundraiser to Benefit Hesed House presented by Konrad Construction, Glasshopper Schor Glass  and Scientel Solutions.  This year we raised an astonishing $62,400.00 to help fight homelessness!  Every year we are truly humbled by the generosity of our patrons and the support they give to this wonderful cause.  We want to thank Mayor Richard C. Irvin, Alderman at Large Sherman Jenkins, 1st Ward Alderman Tina Bohman, 3rd Ward Alderman Ted Mesiacos, 4th Ward Alderman Bill Donnell, 9th Ward Alderman Edward Bugg, all of our sponsors and guests, Ryan Dowd, Michelle Kallevik, Lauren Jernigan, Crystal Billings, Jessica Kamaris, Jason Burdett and the entire O’Malley’s staff for their support.  It is a testament to all of those involved that each and every year it is a passion to raise more and more money for such a worthwhile cause.   This event has truly sprung wings of its own and that is all thanks to the staff and patrons of O’Malley’s, the city officials that take time out of their busy schedules to support in any way they can and our sponsors who year in and year out are committed to making a difference.  From the bottom of our hearts….THANK YOU!